Printer Setup


Step For Setup Printer Barcode

1. How to Open the Printer?

Play the video:

  1. Open printer top cover
  2. Take out the 2 ribbon holders
  3. Press on the large blue (head open lever)
  4. Pick up the sensor arm
  5. Take out the media holder

2. How to Load the Label?

Play video:

  1. Take media holder and insert into the media roll with face up
  2. Put it back in printer with properly and make sure align the movable media guide with media width at the right position
  3. Put the sensor arm down

3. How to Load the Ribbon?

Play video 1/4:

  1. Take 1 ribbon holder and paper core
  2. Insert ribbon holder into paper core

Play video 2/4:

  1. Take another ribbon holder and test ribbon
  2. Insert ribbon holder into test ribbon

Play video 3/4:

  1. Attach the ribbon to the paper core with cello tape
  2. Make sure it is attached correctly and not tilted

Play video 4/4:

  1. Engage the end of ribbon holder to the ribbon drive gear mechanism
  2. Make sure the direction of ribbon is correct (refer to the below image)

4. How to Close the Printer?

Play video:

  1. Push head close knob down until your heard clip sound
  2. Close the top cover of printer

Printer Operation

Ready to Print:

  1. Plug in the Power cable and USB cable to your computer
  2. Switch On the Power switch, the 2 green light will appear at Power and Print panel